We cannot heal what we are unwilling to face.


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Make no mistake about it; I know what it is like for fear to conrol my life. Feeling like a slave to my surroundings because I am too afraid to speak up for myself or take the action to change my story. I am well seasoned in broken sleep, anxiety driven conversations, late night pacing, pillow-soaking tears, and praying for miracles to drop from the sky and fix my situation.

It took over thirty years for me to realize the miracle was in me. That I had to put on my big girl panties and make a change in my life. I was petrified but I chose to do it scared. Turns out, my desperation for change was stronger than my fear.

Using a baby step approach to finding my happiness and peace, I cultivated key action steps to help build my confidence and determine the type of life I wanted for myself. I learned to have tough conversations and face events in my life I never thought I would ever have the guts to revisit. I learned to set boundaries and eliminate toxicity from my space. I learned to create a space that continues to support me being my true and authentic self.

My course and video coaching on fear teaches these impactful steps and have successfully helped people change the direction of their life. YOU MATTER and deserve to be happy. Let me help you heal using my baby step approach that is guaranteed to work if you work it. Become the miracle in your own story. Then help someone else.

You have come this far, Lovely. You might as well commit to the change you want to see. I am certain you will be empowered to make radical changes in your life. Fight for what you want. Reclaim your life!

How Much is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

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Plus FREE Virtual Master Class!

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Overcome Your Fears And Live a More Empowered life.

Every successful person has had to deal with fear. The biggest difference between someone that is wildly successful and someone that is not is the courage to take significant action over and over again. These steps will enable you to take that significant action, repeatedly.

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Reclaim Your Life!

The only way to truly be free is to conquer your fears. The only way to conquer your fears is to do the things that frighten you. Show yourself that you can do those things successfully. Follow the suggestions throughout this all-embracing course and start your journey from fear to freedom today!

facing fears Within Yourself

Freeing your mind of the stress weighing you down is essential to mental peace and calmness.

facing fears At Home

Giving your pain a voice is the most courageous thing you can do. No longer entertaining the messiness fear can allow in your life.

facing fears at work

Bringing order to the chaos and being assertive in what you believe will allow you to be a more confident and productive worker.

Having a fearless Lifestyle

Make lasting changes to the way you live, so you can be authentically you.

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Invest in the person you want to be &


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This self-study course will help you find the courage to step outside of the uncomfortable box you have lived in, to enjoy a life you deserve. You will get out of this course what you put into it. But with focus and determination these steps will help change the trajectory of your life. Sign up today!

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Course Breakdown

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Gain Control

We will look into how fears can stop you from taking advantage of the new opportunities in your life. You will be empowered to take control of your life and disallow your fears from paralyzing you.

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Declutter The Mind

A simpler, less cluttered lifestyle begins from within. We will discuss key techniques to keep mental stress at bay and to have a more peaceful existence.

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Debunk Fears

Learn how to investigate fears to release those that hold no merit and manage those that do. Gaining action steps to no longer focus on what can go wrong, but on everything that has gone right.

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Free Virtual Coaching

& eBook

As a special gift, you will have access to Fatima's Master Class video coaching focused on the fear of confrontation and relationship levels. She does not just speak about it, she has lived it. Fatima bares her life and remarkable transformation in this 80 minute video. Proving that you too, can change the trajecorty of your life one step at a time.

Additionally, you will receive Fatima's highly rated book, "The Prescription is in The Dirt", now available on Amazon. This book is a bold, funny, illuminating, and sometimes tough to swallow tale of her journey to self-love and acceptance. It is a guarntee, you will not want to put it down!

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Are You Ready?

This indepth course will offer practical action steps on how to remove unmerited fears and take significant action for constant success, no matter your place in life.

Among these clear and realistic recommendations are 7 groups of self-reflective questions. You will also receive a checkpoint quiz to lead you closer to your true authentic self.

As a bonus to this great offer, you will receive an 80 minute Master Class video on the fear of confrontation and relationship levels.

Set the day aside to engage all at once or take it a section at a time. Whichever you decide is fine. Your way is the best way! Work through it at your pace but come ready to be challenged and motivated for greatness.

This self-paced material will empower you to release worry and find peace of mind, live in the moment, and embrace life to its fullest.

*Immediate download with purchase.

This course will Tackle:

Section 1: Taking Control

Section 2: Fear of Rejection

Section 3: Fear of Failure

Section 4: Fear of Public Speaking

Section 4: Fear of Death

Section 5: Finding Freedom

Plus More...

Unlimited access to lesson and quiz

BONUS: Access to Fatima's Master Class video on the fear of confrontation and relationship levels

BONUS: Fatima's Inspirational book, "The Prescription is in The Dirt".

About The Instructor

Fatima is a Transformational Author, Speaker and Consultant who has a passion for helping others. Her greatest assignment is being a wife and mother to 4 boys. She approaches healing with raw and honest candidness. Plus humor. Afterall, it is the best medicine.

Fatima has had to overcome her own challenges including the death of a child, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and heartbreak from sometimes horrible decision making. She has a phd in the hard knocks of life and is also educated in psychology. Her will to live in freedom has opened the door for her to help audiences nationwide tackle their own soul healing journey.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Fatima has a passion for people and believes her life's purpose is to help nurture the greatness inside each one of us.

The action steps she offers in this course helped make radical changes in her own life and have been used to empower others around the world. They work if you work them.

If not positively empowered at the end of this course, you are welcome to a refund.



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